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Have you ever asked yourself, “Just what is an umbrella policy?” Or, “Can I use one even if the sun is shining?”

Rest assured, an umbrella policy doesn’t have anything to do with rain.

But in today’s lawsuit-happy environment, it can protect you (and members of your household) from drowning under potentially devastating liability claims.

An umbrella policy is a type of personal liability insurance that covers claims beyond the limit of your regular homeowners, auto or watercraft policy coverage. For example, if you’re found responsible after a guest is injured while swimming in your pool, an umbrella policy can help prevent you from paying out of pocket for their medical or legal bills that exceed your regular homeowners policy limit.

And since this insurance typically extends to other members of your household who don’t have auto or property insurance in their own name, an umbrella policy can help cover the expenses that exceed your auto policy limit if your teenage driver is found at fault for a car accident that injures another person.

What is usually covered by umbrella insurance? Bodily injury, personal injury and property damage. However, personal belongings, businesses losses and criminal acts aren’t covered. As always, you should contact an agent at Seagroves Insurance to determine if this coverage is right for you and to get advice on choosing an appropriate policy. You can learn more about personal property insurance on our website.