In an auto accident? Here’s advice on what to do.

Being in an auto accident is stressful, whether it’s you, your teenage driver or another family member who is involved. And accidents can happen to anyone, no matter how safe they are. Seagroves Insurance offers a wide array of policies and options to suit your auto insurance needs and is committed to helping you through the claims process.

A crash course in auto premiums

Car insurance premiums vary from person to person and from state to state. So how does an informed consumer know which factors impact premiums, or how often to shop around?

Seagroves Insurance auto insurance options provide peace of mind

It can be a little overwhelming to decide which auto insurance coverage is right for you, but it’s important to be prepared in case an accident happens. That’s why Seagroves Insurance offers several options.

Auto insurance – As many questions as there are policies?

Car insurance…we need to have it in order to own a car, but it’s probably safe to say lots of us still have questions about it.

Seagroves conducting food drive this holiday season

This holiday season, Seagroves Insurance is conducting a food drive to benefit local organizations and help people in need, and we invite you to donate along with us. We will accept items at each of our office locations from Nov. 18-Dec. 11.

Umbrella insurance isn’t just for rainy days

Have you ever asked yourself, “Just what is an umbrella policy?” Or, “Can I use one even if the sun is shining?” Rest assured, an umbrella policy doesn’t have anything to do with rain. But in today’s lawsuit-happy environment, it can protect you (and members of your household) from drowning under potentially devastating liability claims.

Keep your fur babies healthy with pet insurance

Those of us who have pets know that our fur babies are a part of our family, which means we care for them like they’re family when they are sick or injured.

Seagroves Insurance expands to Cary

We’re thrilled to announce our newest office in Cary, NC. Dan Crocker, Patty Boggs and Bill Strandberg have joined the Seagroves team, bringing decades of experience serving customers in the area. Get to know them here.

Is flood insurance a thing and do I need it?

Flooding is often caused by North Carolina’s frequent hurricanes, so it’s a good idea to research flood insurance before the next season starts on June 1, 2021.

Should you consider earthquake insurance?

Did you know that basic homeowner’s insurance DOES NOT cover earthquakes?