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We don’t hear a lot about earthquakes here in North Carolina. Or at least we didn’t use to hear about them. But on August 9, 2020 a 5.1 magnitude earthquake sent tremors throughout the state, along with a lot of questions along the lines of “Did you feel that?”

But here’s another question for you: Did you know that basic homeowner’s insurance DOES NOT cover earthquakes?

It’s probably not occurred to you to ask about earthquake insurance. So if you’re concerned, the first step is to call your Seagroves Insurance agent.

Sometimes an endorsement to cover earthquakes can be issued to the policy. If your particular carrier doesn’t offer an endorsement, there are stand-alone policies available. Either way, either of these options are typically very expensive.

What’s included in an earthquake policy? It will likely cover property damage repairs, the loss or damage to personal belongings and additional living expenses if needed. But there may be separate deductibles each of these covered categories.

But It’s just as important to understand what earthquake insurance DOES NOT COVER: fires, flooding, vehicle damage, sinkholes and damage to masonry veneers.

So do you even need it? If you live in an area prone to earthquakes you should consider it. You can assess the earthquake risk in your area here. If you still have questions, your Seagroves agent is always available to help you determine your risk and advise the best insurance solution.