The Seagroves Agency was founded in Chapel Hill in 1972 by Theodore “Ted” Baxter Seagroves, Jr. Ted and his wife Judi started the business from scratch as a Nationwide exclusive agency. Ted never met a stranger and had a warm, outgoing demeanor. Due to his charisma, Ted was able to build a successful family business with a solid foundation built on customer service.

After a two-year battle with pancreatic cancer, Ted left his children, Pete and Amy, to carry on his legacy. Under their management, the Seagroves Agency has grown from three locations to ten and is transitioning from a Nationwide exclusive agency to an independent agency.

Today, Seagroves Insurance is ready to serve North Carolina. We’ve expanded to ten different locations across the state with more than 30 employees to serve you. Pete and Amy are proud of the legacy they’ve inherited and are working hard to ensure that customers across North Carolina get the best service and coverage available.