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8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

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Industry-Specific Coverage

Whatever industry your business is part of, chances are it has its own unique risks and challenges. After all, a craft brewery has different coverage needs from a law firm. Seagroves understands and appreciates the unique nature of your business, which is why we provide industry specific insurance options for businesses of all types.

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Professional Services

Your clients depend on your expertise and experience to guide them through financial, legal and business challenges. Trust Seagroves to do the same for you when it comes to the unique insurance needs of professional firms.

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Building and Construction

In addition to core insurance, your construction business needs industry-specific coverage for things like expensive equipment and tools, and possible injury. Seagroves can help you find the right coverage for a range of needs.


Entertainment and Hospitality

Creating good times and memorable events is hard work. Protect your business and your finances with coverage developed specifically for you. From liquor and general liability to workers compensation, Seagroves can help you identify risks and reduce exposure with the right policies.

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If your business depends on vehicles, Seagroves has a policy just for you. Whether you drive them, repair them or store them. From tow trucks to Ubers, Seagroves has all the coverage options you need.

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Health Care

You help keep your patients and customers healthy. Seagroves is here to do the same for your business. From malpractice and liability insurance to medical equipment and facility coverage, contact Seagroves for a complete checkup on your insurance needs.

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Miscellaneous Industries

There are millions of businesses out there. And each one is unique. Seagroves specializes in industry-specific coverage for a broad range of company types. Chances are, yours is one of them.

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